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Costa Cruises

When it comes to longevity in ocean going voyages, few companies can compare to Costa Cruises. Established in 1854 as a cargo shipping company, Costa started providing passenger services in 1947. Since then, Costa Cruises has gone from strength-to-strength and the company has become one of the leading cruise companies in the world. As an Italian-based company, many of Costa's key destinations are around the Mediterranean, but they also provide plenty of voyages around Scandinavia, the Americas, Asia, Middle East, Australasia and Africa. Like many other modern cruise companies, Costa tailor their services to a wide range of people, including families, honeymooners and luxury voyages for the more discerning.

About Costa Cruises

Called Costa Crociere in Italian, Costa Cruises is based in Genoa, Italy. As such, they have become well known for providing cruises around the Mediterranean that visit many of the islands and key ports popular with passengers in Europe. However, Costa also provides passages to many of the popular tourist hotspots in the Americas, often departing from Miami. Currently, Costa operates 14 cruise ships, but it continually updates its fleet and plans new ships for the near future. Despite some recent controversies, the long history and experience earned by Costa Cruises means that many people still find they provide a trusted and reliable service. Their ships are very well equipped compared to other cruise liners and they provide amenities for passengers of all ages.

Costa Cruise destinations

As you'd expect from an Italian-based company, Costa specialize in Mediterranean voyages, visiting many islands and destinations that few other operators go to. However, they also offer plenty of cruises to other destinations, which include transatlantic crossings, cruises to the Caribbean, voyages around South America, journeys through the Norwegian Fjords and even trips to the Red Sea, which enables passengers to see such ancient sites such as the pyramids in Egypt. Costa also regularly includes trips to the Far East in their yearly schedule, with destinations such as Singapore and Hong Kong very popular. Australia is also another destination, with Melbourne a usual departure port for cruises around Australasia, while they also have visits to various Pacific islands.

Costa Cruise ships

Costa Cruises have various packages that are aimed at different types of people. One of the more unique types of ocean growing voyage is the Wellness Package, which is designed for people wanting to get in shape or improve their health. The Wellness Package enables people to include an entire health program as part of their cruise, making use of the ship's spas and health centers. Costa also has plenty of nighttime entertainment. On board all Costa liners, you'll find an array of bars, lounges, clubs and shopping boutiques, as well as numerous restaurants that can cater for all tastes. Children are also catered for, with a Kid's Program that includes plenty of activities to keep younger passengers amused and includes games, parties and arts and crafts workshops. They also arrange various family orientated excursions.

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