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Norwegian Cruises

Formerly known as Norwegian Caribbean Line, Norwegian Cruises don't just provide Scandinavian voyages, but also they offer vacations to a wide range of destinations in both Europe and the Americas. One of the unique aspects of Norwegian Cruises that makes the company stand out is their relaxed attitude to customers, in a policy they call Freestyle Cruising. This means Norwegian Cruises don't insist passengers attend dining rooms at specific times, nor do they have any dress requirements or other restrictions, which has made them extremely popular among young people and those that want more freedom than some other cruise operators offer. They also have a wide range of different accommodation options, which range from the highly luxurious to the more affordable, which enables a wide variety of people to be able to go on a cruise vacation.

About Norwegian Cruises

Established in 1966, Norwegian Cruises used to be called Norwegian Caribbean, as these two locations were their main destinations. These days, however, their ocean going voyages include a wide range of locations. While the company currently operates eleven ships and travels from various ports in Europe and the Americas, several more ships are planned to be introduced in the near future, which will enable Norwegian Cruises to offer even more destinations and choice. Their ships come in a variety of classes, but all operate under their Freestyle Cruising policy, which means that traveling on their ships provides one of the most relaxed and laid back ocean going voyages around, which has made them extremely popular with people who are put off cruising by the constraints and expectations on some other cruise liners.

Norwegian Cruises Destinations

While choice of destinations is limited compared to some other cruise liners, Norwegian Cruises does visit some of the most popular locations among cruise travelers. These include the Caribbean, Bahamas and North America; Canada and New England; Europe, the Mediterranean and the Baltics; and Hawaii, Panama and Alaska. They also offer transatlantic cruises traveling from America to European ports such as Bruges, Lisbon, Amsterdam, and even the Azores. Most voyages leaving America depart from Florida, while their main European ports include Copenhagen, Zeebrugge, Lisbon and Barcelona. Norwegian Cruises run popular excursions too, and as with most of the activities on board their ships, these fall under their Freestyle Cruising policy.

Traveling with Norwegian Cruises

Freestyle Cruising provides a freedom that many passengers find really refreshing. While some enjoy dressing up for dinner, or don't mind having specified times to eat in the restaurants, other passengers prefer a more relaxed approach, which is what Norwegian Cruises provide. Despite this relaxed approach, you'll find just as much luxury aboard Norwegian Cruises as with other ships, and because they attract such a young and informal crowd, there's plenty of night life and entertainment aimed at this group of people, like ten-pin bowling, adventure excursions and even rock climbing walls on board the ship. However, older people, honeymooning couples, and families have just as many facilities and amenities aimed at them too.

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