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Alaska Cruises

When it comes to landscapes, they don't come much bigger or more majestic than Alaska. A vast ice kingdom, full of forests, mountains and glaciers, seeing the wilderness of America's largest state will provide memories that will last a lifetime. Because of its sheer size, the best way to see this epic landscape is by Alaska cruises, where you can sail around one of the world's most majestic coastlines that stretches for over 1,200 miles and take in some of its remarkable landmarks and natural wonders. Ocean going voyages to Alaska are some of the most breathtaking in the world, partly because so much of the region is untouched, and its coastline is one of the most enthralling on Earth.

Cruises to Alaska

Cruise ships to Alaska depart from many major ports in the United States and Canada and provide some of the most breathtaking views of any ocean voyage. Alaska is an ancient landscape that is abundant with wildlife and contains some of the most stunning natural features in the world. From glaciers and mountains, to forests that seem to stretch to the ends of the Earth, no other ocean going voyage can offer such vast and diverse scenery. A cruise ship to Alaska takes you right inside the Arctic Circle, and while it has several major cities that provide a comfortable stop-off, most of Alaska is unpopulated, providing a glimpse of an untouched wilderness.

Cruises vacations to Alaska

Most Alaskan cruises stop at some of the area's most idyllic scenery. These include the Hubbard Glacier, the state's largest tidewater glacier that has an open face over six miles across and offers a stunning view of a sprawling natural landscape that has remained unaltered for thousands of years. Skagway is another popular stop off when cruising Alaska. As the gateway to Klondike, Skagway is a town with a small population but a rich history. Founded during the gold rush, when thousands of pioneers arrived at the Arctic town looking to make their fortunes, it is the ideal stop off on any Alaskan voyage. Of course no voyage to Alaska would be complete without stop offs in Anchorage, Ketchikan, and Juneau, which boast some of the most idyllic backdrops of any cities in America or Canada.

Sights on Alaskan voyage

One of the major reasons people choose to take a cruise vacation to Alaska is the wildlife. Alaska cruises offer wildlife lovers a feast for their eyes. With bears, wolves and wild deer roaming the forests, you'll also get to see a diverse range of seabirds, seals killer whales and dolphins that populate the waters all year round. Furthermore, if you journey to Alaska in the summer months, you may see the thousands of humpback whales that arrive each year to feed. With an abundant array of wildlife and scenery that literally takes your breath away, sailing the waters of Alaska on board a cruise ship provides an unrivaled opportunity to see a magnificent wilderness that no other type of vacation can offer.

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