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Disney Cruises

Disney have been entertaining both adults and children for nearly 90 years. Most people are familiar with their films, cartoons and theme parks, but for the last 15 years, Disney have also been providing ocean going voyages. Disney Cruises are aimed at both adults and children, and the familiar characters associated with the company such as Mickey Mouse and the Little Mermaid are never far way, which means they often attract families and younger couples on their voyages. However, despite the familiar cartoon characters and distinct Disney approach to their voyages, the ships operated by Disney Cruises offer all the luxuries, services and amenities you'd expect to find on a modern cruise liner, which makes for an enjoyable ocean going voyage whatever the age.

About Disney Cruises

Currently, Disney Cruises only operates four ships, which are called Magic, Winder, Dream and Fantasy. However, the cruise operator owns its own private island in the Bahamas that is used as an exclusive port, known as Castaway Cay, which makes it distinctly unique among other operators of ocean going voyages. Disney operates their ships out of various ports in both the United States and Europe, including New York, Los Angeles, Galveston, Texas, Barcelona, Spain, Miami, Florida, and Vancouver, Canada. While only a small cruise operator, Disney has already earned a good reputation at providing a unique but enjoyable ocean going experience that equals the voyages offered by other much larger companies.

Disney Cruise Destinations

Despite having fewer ships than some other companies, Disney Cruises still manages to offer passengers a wide choice of destinations, which include Europe, Panama Canal, Caribbean, Alaska and Pacific Coast, Bahamas, Hawaii, Mexican Riviera and various Transatlantic destinations. One aspect of ocean trips that Disney Cruises prides itself on are the excursions it arranges. Described as port adventures, these excursions have been handpicked by Disney to provide families with the best available on shore recreation, sightseeing and leisure opportunities available at each destination. The company are also planning to provide even more destinations in the future and is hoping to introduce more ships to its fleet, which could establish it among some of the top cruise providers operating out of America.

On board a Disney Cruise Ship

As you'd expect from Disney, each of its ships has plenty of entertainment and the company's popular cartoon characters are never far away to entertain young children and provide photograph opportunities. Disney Cruises are very much like a Disney theme park on the sea, with plenty to see and do throughout the day and night. With live shows, nightclubs, lounges, bars, plenty of restaurants, as well as the spas, fitness centers, theaters and youth clubs, there is always something to do no matter what the age of the passenger. However, as you'd expect, Disney Cruises provide unrivaled entertainment for children, which is why they are becoming the most popular cruise liners for people with families who want a vacation with a difference.

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