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Caribbean Cruises

When it comes to tropical paradises, you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere as exotic or tranquil as the many Caribbean islands. With its diverse collection of places to visit, seeing the Caribbean is best done on board a cruise liner, where you can explore the islands in luxury and in style. Caribbean cruises travel to some of the most popular Caribbean destinations, including Jamaica, St Kitts, Saint Lucia, Grand Cayman and Barbados. With their white sandy beaches, stunning weather and crystal clear waters, Caribbean cruises provide the best way to explore these exotic worlds. Whether you want to swim with dolphins, snorkel shipwrecks or would prefer just to relax in a tropical paradise, a voyage to the Caribbean has something for everyone.

Caribbean cruise destinations

The Caribbean can be divided into three parts, the south, east and west, and most Caribbean cruise liners usually travel around just one of these regions, although for longer journeys, you may be able to travel farther. In the south, voyages usually take in Aruba and Antigua, which are famous for their stunning white sandy beaches. The south also has Curacao and Bonaire St Barts, which are some of the best places to snorkel and scuba-dive. In the east, Caribbean cruises stop at the British and American Virgin Islands, which have stunning volcanoes and mountains, while the Bahamas is the epitome of paradise. While in the western islands of the Caribbean, you can stop off at Montego Bay in Jamaica, or Grand Cayman with its incredible Seven Mile Beach.

Caribbean adventure cruises

While the Caribbean typifies tropical paradise where relaxing in luxury and comfort are the norm, for those that want a little more adventure on their vacation Caribbean cruises have plenty. Not only does the Caribbean have some of the best diving and snorkeling locations on Earth, where you can swim with stingrays and explore ancient wrecks, but also you'll find plenty of hiking trails along the rainforests and mountains of islands such as St Lucia. If shopping is your thing, a Bahamas cruise will provide you with some exceptional shopping experiences, while a Caribbean ocean going voyage that stops in Belize will allow you to explore its ancient Mayan city.

Caribbean cruise vacations

The Caribbean has a huge number of destinations to visit, but fortunately, there are a huge number of cruise liners to the Caribbean, so no matter where you want to go, you'll find a ship to take you. Some of the most popular places to cruise the Caribbean include the Bahamas, with its white sandy beaches, St Kitts, with its French colonial history, and St Lucia, with its tropical rainforests and mountains. Caribbean cruises depart from several ports on the eastern side of the United States, although by far the most popular departing point is Florida, where you'll find most of the major Caribbean cruise line companies. A cruise vacation to the Caribbean is a perfect way to explore paradise, and will provide a trip that you won't forget in a hurry.

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