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European Cruises

Europe is perhaps the most diverse continent on Earth. With so many different countries, all with their own unique language, culture and landscapes, a cruise vacation to Europe is a trip of a lifetime. With popular destinations for European cruises include the Mediterranean, Norwegian Fjords and the British Isles, but with so much choice, choosing where in Europe you want to explore can often be tricky. In addition, European cruises also venture down some of the rivers of Europe taking you through some of major cities of Germany, France and Austria. An ocean going voyage to Europe offers you the chance to see far more than any other vacation, and you'll be amazed at just how much you can cram in.

Cruise vacations to Europe

Europe has a large number of different seas in which to take a cruise, from the warm waters of the Mediterranean, where you can see the ancient cities of Rome and Venice, to a Baltic voyage, where you can explore Northern Europe with its rich medieval history. Another popular destination for European cruises is Norway. Norway is a land of myths and legends, and once you experience the amazing scenery on a European passage, you'll understand why. The Norwegian fjords are unlike anything else on Earth. Cut into Norway's mountains, the fjords run for hundreds of miles and have breathtaking backdrops that range from snowy mountains and beautiful islands, to reefs where the Vikings once ruled. Other popular destinations for cruising around Europe include the British Isles, the South of France and European river cruises taking you along the Danube, Rhine or Seine.

European cruises around the Mediterranean

If sunshine is your thing, a Mediterranean cruise offers the chance to relax and unwind amid some of the most beautiful of European coastlines. Most cruise liners take in some of the Mediterranean's most beguiling cities, such as Rome, where you can see the Coliseum and Pantheon, Barcelona, with its vibrant and cosmopolitan lifestyle, and the French Riviera, where you can relax on the beaches often populated by the rich and famous. The Mediterranean is also a place of fine cuisine and ancient architecture, so for those that love culture, good food and wine, a European voyage to the Mediterranean is an experience you'll never forget.

European river cruises

European cruises don't just explore seas, and an idyllic way to see Europe is to take a passage down some of the main waterways of France, Germany and Southern Europe. As a more tranquil type of European vacation, a river cruise allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and explore the major cities whilst relaxing in comfort. You can take a journey down the Rhine, exploring Germany and the Swiss Alps, or coast along the blue Danube, seeing Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava. Whether you want to cruise the Mediterranean, voyage around the Baltic or take a sedate passage down the many rivers and estuaries of Germany and France, European cruises offer perhaps the most diverse choice of cruise line vacations on Earth.

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