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Canada Cruises

For a vacation with a difference, a cruise to Canada and North America is perfect. Canada cruises will take you over the immense waters of the Atlantic to ports in Canada and New England where you'll find an abundance of museums, historic sites and galleries. You can take a fishing boat excursion in New England, while in Northern Canada you can see the incredible wildlife of the Arctic. With scenery equal to anything else on earth, a voyage to Canada will provide sights you simply wouldn't believe, such as the Rocky Mountains and great forests, vibrant cities of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, and the incredibly diverse wildlife.

Why a Canada cruise vacation

For its sheer diversity, a voyage along Canada's coast simply can't be beaten. As the second largest country on Earth, Canada has an array of landscapes that go from one extreme to the other. With its alpine scenery and frozen landscape, an ocean going voyage to the west coast of Canada will allow you to see a vast and unspoiled world, where humpback whales jump out of the water alongside the ship, and polar bears prowl the frozen wastes. Cruises to Canada's East Coast will let you see many of the great forests and weather beaten terrain, where grizzly bears rule and seals lie on the beaches. Canada cruises also offer plenty of shopping and night out opportunities in cities such as Montreal and Vancouver, which are awash with restaurants, museums and historical monuments.

New England and Canada cruises

Cruises to Canada and New England provide all the luxuries you could want. With fine food served every day, including fresh fish caught at local ports, and plenty to do onboard, even in the unlikely event that you get bored with the scenery, you won't be in need of things to do. A stop off in Boston, New England will allow you to see the site of the Boston Tea Party in one of the oldest cities in the United States. Canada has some great sights too. Ocean going voyages to Canada provide the opportunity to see whales, orcas, seals and a huge array of seabirds, while stop offs in British Columbia will allow you to see the grizzlies and other wildlife of the great forests. There simply is no better way to see this vast country than by cruise ship.

Canada Arctic cruises

For the adventurous vacationer, traveling to the frozen Canadian Arctic provides a once in the lifetime opportunity to see a diverse selection of wildlife and sights. On these Canada cruises you'll get to see polar bears prowling the glaciers, which draw wildlife lovers from all over the world, while the sea is full of whales, dolphins, orcas and seals. In addition, meeting the indigenous people who call these frozen wastes their home is an intriguing and worthwhile experience. A cruise voyage to Canada is unlike any other vacation, and few people that have taken Canadian cruises ever forgot it.

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